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Director of Faith Christian Group (Reading), my passion is to see God's Kingdom extended to everyone through acts of compassion both large and small.

Personal views?

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Please note that I try to represent the mainstream of Christian opinion and theology, however, occasionally I may share what some would consider the view of a particular stream of Christianity; a more narrowly held theology or at times my personal take on what I believe scripture says.

In particular these pages do not represent in any way the views of Faith Christian Group of which I have been director since 2005.

For a fuller statement go to my Disclaimer page

Billy Graham

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We have just lost perhaps the most influential Christian of the 20th Century.

He was an inspiration to any aspiring evangelist …. keep it simple and to the 4 points

God loves you

You have sinned 

Christ died for you

You have to make a decision


I saw him in the early 60’s at Earls Court and again in 1973 in Wembley Stadium.

Memorable moments in my Christian life. A truly great man.


Did I say influential?


His last message is recorded here

A word to the wise

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This is the first time I’ve posted anything from UCB Word for today, but this is serious stuff. It may need reading more than once to take in.

“If you train yourself to listen carefully to what someone is saying, they will generally tell you who and what they are before you get into a relationship with them. Prevention is better than cure! But more times than not, when someone begins to warn us of their weaknesses and what to expect, we jump in with our motivational ‘Oh no, that can’t be true’ thoughts, and encourage them to move forward with us. We need to learn the priceless art of listening without interrupting. If you do, you’ll save yourself years of tears, secret disappointments, and negative experiences. Rather than using your optimism and persuasive style to coerce somebody into accepting your goals and objectives, you need to know when a person can’t become something just because you want them to or believe they can. They can’t run on your fuel! Your character and maturity won’t make up for their lack of it. Without your awareness of this principle, these high-maintenance relationships can weary you and drain your strength for years. In private or professional relationships, if you have to keep motivating to get started, you’ll have to keep motivating to maintain. On the other hand, if you look, listen, pray, and observe, you can decide whether it’s worth the effort to engage in the relationship in the first place. And if you ask God, He will guide you in this: His Word says, ‘Look with your eyes…hear with your ears, and fix your mind on everything I show you; for you were brought here…that I might show them to you.’ ”
Is 59-61, 1 Thess 1

It is one clear statement of how far western society has fallen that even a man of Graham’s stature has begun to be vilified in the liberal media.

We live in troubled and desperate times when people cannot discern good from evil and seem not to want to know the difference between right from wrong.

Even some elements of the established church seem to be more concerned with not causing offence and being popular rather than standing out, and setting an example to society.

Jesus said, “Do not be conformed to the world, rather be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”



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Somewhere along the line a friend started calling me Malkimalk

Then I came across the Malkijahs in Nehemiah and was quite taken by the name

This little fellow appeared on a range of clothing, now defunct.

I still have the Tee shirt and the cap!

Does look alarmingly like a DUP supporter, but hey!

The Archer?

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Several trips to Stockholm, Orebro and other places in Sweden have given me a real heart for the country.

The Archer to the left was drawn for me by my good friend Christer Aadland

The logo on the back is the Boiler Room

The concept was based on a prophetic word about shooting arrows (young people) into other countries

One prophecy which I have not really lived up to as far as I can tell.

I am very blessed to have been able to visit Brazil several times.

I love the country. I love the passion of the Christians.

I have never visited anywhere else that can boast a city (Goiania) where 40% of the population would say that they are evangelical Christians. The photo is of an intercessory/evangelism prayer group.

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