As I say elsewhere I try to represent the mainstream of Christian opinion and theology, however, occasionally I may share what some would consider the view of a particular stream of Christianity; a more narrowly held theology or at times my personal take on what I believe scripture says.

Please read all posts on my web pages wearing spectacles that filter out condemnation or judgement or phobia and offence. Tough ask?

I do NOT come from a “hey look at me, aren’t I good, see how high my pedestal is!” I’m a sinner just like you. I have massive character flaws. I’m a work in progress. But this I also know ………

God is a good but holy and righteous Father who has adopted me as His son because Jesus died to obliterate every last ounce of my singuilt and shame.

Jesus’ blood, not my good works, attempts at clean living or P C, even non PC, beliefs, grant me eternal life. Only the Blood of Jesus Christ and His atoning death on the Cross of Calvary.

I’m wanting to be a disciple, trying to interpret scripture correctly, trying to honour God and most importantly wanting to make Jesus known to as many people as possible because Jesus seems to have thought they might just be going to hell, or at best non-existence in eternity*, and He came to give them eternal life.

In particular, please note, these pages do not represent in any way the views of Faith Christian Group of which I have been director since 2005.

*apologies to my evangelical friends, I’m just illustrating my openness to a breadth of interpretation, albeit I think I stop well short of “universalism“.

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