The Aims of Impact Reading

The Aims of Impact Reading

“Impact Reading” is (was) a network of Christian social action organisations in Reading and surrounding areas. That network still functions as well as ever, if not better, but the name has been dropped.  The original site read:-

Impact Reading seeks to network together for:

  • Envisioning – seeing the bigger picture of what God is doing beyond our own individual organisations.
  • Coordination – working together in practical partnerships, keeping each other informed.
  • Facilitation – enabling and empowering each other through our pooled expertise and knowledge
  • Promotion – making known the good work that is going on in the name of Jesus
  • Influencing – engaging with policy-makers and funders to have a Christian voice in key areas.
  • Supporting – providing a peer support network for those engaged in social action

How does Impact Reading work?

Impact Reading aims to be inclusive of all those who are: Christian in ethos, engaged in social action, and involved in an identifiable organisation.

Impact Reading itself is not a separate organisation, but an umbrella for all Christian social action organisations in our area.

Relationship to Churches

Impact Reading seeks to relate to all the churches of Reading through:

  • Facilitating church members in accessing information and services for themselves and others
  • Keeping the churches informed about issues in government and community through our shared networks
  • Publicising a range of opportunities for Christian service
(The above is taken directly from the original website – Malc Peirce )

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