Hong Kong

Hong Kong

I wasn’t sure where to put this page since although it is perhaps primarily Political, the presence now of so many Christian Hongkongers in Reading make it also a Kingdom matter and the fact that they have fled from Communism means that Hong Kong is all the worse for it.

I want to state upfront that personally I see them as very welcome, even if they are buying up swathes of Reading real estate! To me Britain owes a responsiblility to anyone born in what was part of our Empire to respect that their ancestors were, whether they liked it or not, to their benefit or not, under our “protection” as citizens.

The Church in Reading has grown by a noticeable amount by the addition of these faithful believers who were or would have become at the forefront of Chinese communist persecution and social exclusion. They have much to contribute to the Church in Reading and other cities.

It is inevitable that “free” Hongkongers should demonstrate against what they see as the wrong that the Chinese government are inflicting on their people.



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