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The Turning

Lots out there last year about The Turning in Reading.

I will try to add some of my own reflections at some point.

I can only say for now that any move to get Christians talking about their faith, especially right now is great.

We have neglected generally sharing the gospel openly for years.

Ot the 1500 “decisions” for Christ, very few have materialised in churches.



I did go down to Cardiff for a couple of days with Mission to Wales 2017 (The Turning Wales)

I was really impressed by the way in which the whole methodology had matured. The training was brilliant. The encouragement to be really sensitive to Holy Spirit and not push people beyond where they are ready to go.  The materials were much better. The partnership with the Bible Society was a significant move in that follow up materials have been produced and a dedicated book produced containing Luke & Acts. This can be given to people that have committed their lives to Christ.

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