Impact Reading

Impact Reading


This site is an archive for the Christian Social Action ministries in Reading – “Impact Reading” having been superseded by “Transform Reading”.

It is also worth looking at “Whitley SALT

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January 2018

A group of representatives from local Kingdom Ministries (Christian Social Action Groups) met on Wednesday 24th January 2018 to have an open discussion around developing greater awareness of each other for the benefit of those we aim to help.

One of the themes of the morning was that of realising that for Christians we serve people because we first serve God. Or to put it another way, helping the poor, oppressed or marginalised is but an outcome of loving, worshipping and serving Jesus.

Another theme was how do discern that God has called us to do something? Where are we duplicating and where are the gaps?

Yet another was a shared belief that people’s greatest need, no matter what their circumstances, is for HOPE.  Hope enables a person to get up in the morning. Hope enables a person to reach out for help.

Despite this local hoarding’s optimism, hope does not exist at the bottom of a glass, no matter how good the brew.

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