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Now there’s a word that gets misused.

Over time so many words change their meaning and most of the time that doesn’t matter. But TRUTH?, now that’s a different thing.

TRUTH used to mean what really is; what really happened; what is happening”; to do with “FACTS” and “REALITY“, two more words that have come to mean whatever the speaker wants them to mean. This I’m told is something to do with “Post Modernism”.

So it was with the debate between Biden and Trump. Would either if them know what truth is if it jumped up and bit them? Doesn’t seem so. Apparently the past 8 years have been occurring in parallel universes. In this case a Democratic Universe and a Republican Universe. What should have been a debate based on actual figures, actual events, actual people’s pain, suffering, grievances, fears, hopes and aspirations, deteriorated into a childish slanging match not much above “My Dad’s bigger than your Dad.” To hear a prospective POTUS resort to “Oh shut up!” was depressing. Equally to hear the current POTUS tell his opposite number that he isn’t smart. Well again, nuff said.

It would seem that the same gathering of people can variously be described as a peaceful protest and a violent riot. Arson becomes an expression of frustration. Looting becomes some sort of equitable redistribution of wealth. Apparently its O K for young people in masks to use force, bully, curse and throw molotov cocktails, but not appointed officers in uniforms. But enough said on that topic.

If America is to become “Great” (i.e. leaving open the question was it ever?) TRUTH needs to take centre stage and that I fear is highly unlikely.

I can so imagine Donald Trump, or indeed most of the other current politicians, voicing the words of Pontius Pilate to Jesus, “What is Truth?”

Ultimately there is only One Truth and He is also the Way and the Life.

We would do well to stop and listen.

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