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The ‘present state’ – the economy

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We live in an intolerably unequal world and even in an unacceptably unequal country. The U.K. is a great place to live if your annual income is over £100,000, not so bad if it is over £50,000. But what about the rest?

High salaries for those in so-called responsible positions only lead to high prices for housing, both rented and to buy, leading to inner city squalor for the poor. Many young people now face the probability of never owning their own property, unless mum and dad have considerable assets.

Low pay, zero hours contracts and ridiculously low Universal Credit all contribute to the existence of an under-class, many of whom have lost hope. They aren’t the working class anymore they are the “wish we could be working” class.

As some-one ultimately responsible for one of the U.K.’s largest food banks I have seen the growth in poverty first hand since 2008. Demand for food parcels shows no sign of levelling out let alone decreasing.

Time after time I come across the pure ignorance of the “Westminster Bubble” as regards the reality of life for many people.

At some point we have to wake up to the fact that not one of us has the right to a high income, a large house, multiple holidays, multiple cars, expensive clothes, etc. etc. “I earned it”, “I worked hard for it” doesn’t wash. The money you have came from other people. Did you simply overcharge for your services, your time, your intellect?

It is time to somehow regulate salaries. No-one deserves over 6 figure salaries, and even that is laughable. I even know of Charity bosses on massive salaries. How on earth did that happen?

Then there’s un-taxed companies …… I don’t need to go on.

Those of us on decent salaries don’t need tax cuts! We need to know that we have a working Welfare State, acceptable health care for all, great care of the elderly and protection for the vulnerable, and that old chestnut “affordable housing”. Bring back Council Houses! By the thousand.

Let’s give people back some hope.

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