Are we helping?

Is what we do having any effect? We have continued since 1998 simply because we have not sensed God say “stop”.

I have asked the team many times if they felt it was time. For instance, in the summer of 2004 as we lost yet another valued team member, going overseas on mission, on the very day we were questioning whether to continue, we had the largest number of people come to speak to us in a long time. We do seem to attract the somewhat extreme characters.

Many who stop to speak to us clearly have psychiatric or possibly even demonic problems. It is amazing what reactions the cross creates in the odd passer-by. However if we were not there they would not have that chance to challenge or ask questions and in some cases ask for prayer and help.

There has been much prophetic stuff spoken into Reading over the years. the bit that sticks with me was “Hold the Centre Ground”. That is why I have been so involved both with the cross, in the Forbury, with FAITH Christian Group ( in the town centre and with the Boiler Room.