A Prayer you could pray

A prayer you can use

Father I recognise that despite my best efforts I have thought, said and done things which I know have come between me and you.

I also acknowledge that there are things in my life that control me and have a power over me.

I own up to those now, recognise that I need help and forgiveness and want to live without these things.

Forgive me now through Jesus’ death for me.

Jesus I recognise that you were and are without sin.

That you lived, died and rose again from the dead that I might be set free and live a new life.

I thank you now and ask you to become the centre of my life and being.

Empower me by your Spirit to live a life that brings glory to your name.

Holy Spirit, you have been working in my life to bring me to this point.

Thank you.  I ask you now to come into my live in all your fullness.

Work out in me all that the Father and Jesus have for me.

Empower me to live a life worthy of Jesus.