Who does what? – SALT

Who does what?

Each member of Whitley SALT offers services or activities that you can “CONNECT” with.

There is more than one way to “CONNECT” – whether you are seeking help or offering help – please “CONNECT” with us!




Debt Management CAP Debt advice Communicare
Living Housing Communicare
Food Readifood, The Well,
Furniture CCA
Advice / Support Communicare
Bereavement Advice Lifeline, The Well, St Agnes
NEET Mentoring / Support Starting Point
Community Information Communicare, The Well, St Agnes
Family Babies Bubbles
Toddlers Playbarn, Messy church, Bubbles
Children Fusion Youth & Community
Teens Fusion Youth & Community
Old Age Pensioners Engage Befriending
Spiritual Church & Community The Well
Church & Community St Agnes / St Barnabas / St Paul’s

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