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This website is simply a personal record of images and thoughts from the two and a quarter years that Reading Boiler Room was open

Those of us who were there will never forget the “White Lion” / “Forbury Vaults” in Reading

Malcolm Peirce


I  was part of the team that ran Reading Boiler Room in the early 2000’s

Official title “Youth Director“.   Practical role, yes looking after young people and arranging trips out, but also general handyman!

I have massively positive memories of the times at the Boiler Room.

Some weeks I’d be in almost every day doing something, if not praying.

We had fun, we got serious, we saw young people’s lives touched and indeed changed.

I now have the joy of meeting some of these guys, now in their twenties and more, who have found Jesus as a reality in their lives.

Penny, my wife, would have been so thrilled.